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Condition Guarentee

At PCA Designer Toys we do our best to provide you, our customers, with the best products possible. We want to take a minute to outline our condition guarentee.

Due to the nature of our business many of our vaulted/rare/convention exclusive products are sourced through purchasing private collections from individuals. Due to this we cannot guarentee that every product's packaging will be in perfect condition. 

This does not apply to new collectibles, designer toys, stickers, pre-orders, or sealed product such as Pokemon/MTG/Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

We do try to only list items on our website that meet a minimum of a 7/10 condition score. In the event that we do sell an item that does not meet this standard it will be posted in the bargin bin section of the website with the condition listed in both the title and in the product description.


7/10 condition will meet the following criteria:

  • minor screen scratching
  • no box stains
  • minor box damage
  • shelf wear may be on the bottom of the box (not visible on a shelf)
  • may have 1-2 corner dings (not visible from the front)